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Huntsville, AL 35802

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Airport Rd & Memorial Pkwy


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About Planet Smoothie

It takes a lot to be called The best tasting smoothie on the planet!® and Planet Smoothie is dedicated to the proposition that all smoothies are not created equal. The menu offers over 30 real fruit smoothies with lower calorie, lower sugar, and higher protein options, giving customers a quick, portable snack or meal replacement. Come see for yourself!

Planet Smoothie's Huntsville AL is focused on delivering great-tasting smoothies in a wide variety of options to fit the unique needs that your taste and lifestyle demand.

Skip the Line® and order your favorite smoothies online for pick up or delivery in Huntsville, AL.

Order your favorite smoothie or choose one from our lifestyle categories which include : Planet Favorites, Planet Lite ™, Energy, Superfood, Protein, and Meal Replacement.

Planet Smoothie also features whole food add-ins to customize your smoothie to your healthy lifestyle. Popular add-ins include: meal replacement protein, almond butter, chia seeds, leafy greens, almond milk, whole grainoats, dragon fruit, and more!

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Reviews by Google

  • Elizabeth Harris

    06/05/21 - The staff here is so friendly and kind! Their smoothie selection is great and everything tastes amazing!

  • Bailey

    04/07/21 - Older review, sharing on Google:

    Story time: when I was in middle school, there used to be a Planet Smoothie in Parkway Place Mall. It was a special treat to go there and get a smoothie called a Chocolate Elvis -- peanut butter, cocoa, bananas, milk, and frozen yogurt. It was delicious! Sadly, that Planet Smoothie closed a long time ago -- definitely more than 5 years -- and I was left without a place to get one of my favorite treats of old.

    Well, I was driving by Metro Diner et al the other day and realized that a Planet Smoothie was open on Whitesburg! I resolved to come in soon to see if their Chocolate Elvis was as I remembered.

    It was raining, as it has been for weeks now, and I stopped to shake out my umbrella before entering. I didn't see the gentleman walking by and accidentally caught him in the shower. I apologized but he smiled at me and asked if I was going into Planet Smoothie. I said I was and he held the door for me -- that was when I realized he was one of the employees. This kind gesture was representative of the whole staff. An older woman was ordering ahead of me, and she was very new to smoothies in general. They were super patient with her, explaining all the options and ingredients. They even took out and showed her some flax seeds and told her what they tasted like -- she had never heard of them before.

    A person I can only assume was the owner or manager asked if she could get anything started for me while her other staff members helped the older lady. I wasn't in a huge hurry, so I told her not to worry about it, but I really appreciate that they paid attention to me and wanted to help make my experience as quick as I needed it to be. I talked with her about the old Planet Smoothie at the mall and how much I used to love going there and how I excited I was that another opened up that was convenient for me. She was warm and seemed so thrilled that I'd found them.

    When I got my smoothie, it was exactly as I remembered. Creamy, chocolatey, peanut buttery, with a subtle banana flavor, too. More like a dessert than a healthy smoothie...but their small portion is only 300 calories and was plenty for me for a quick little lunch. I don't review chains often, but the staff here, combined with my tasty treat, really won me over. Keep up the good work -- I'll see y'all soon! :)

  • Rodena Branch

    03/28/21 - I ordered my smoothie online for pickup, and when I arrived it was ready when I arrived. It was my first and very pleasant experience. The staff were very polite. The Strawberry Colada with the almond milk as a substitute was delicious. I will be visiting again!!

  • Rob Smith

    12/17/20 - What can't I say about this place? Nothing. The staff was phenomenal. The size is MORE than a bargain. Also, i just learned peasants use peanut butter, I will be having the almond butter from now on!!

  • Carmen Carmen

    10/25/20 - Excellent customer service must come through!!!


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